Cynthia Mendez

Cynthia Mendez was raised in Austin, TX and graduated from St.Edward’s University. She has been with Austin Inspired Movement since it’s inception! Her time with Austin Inspired Movement has included teaching salsa, bachata, kziomba and ladies styling. In addition, she has co-directed numerous student teams, including Seduxion, Inspired Movement, and Daniel and Desiree World Team project and is currently a member of the dance team Pasiones Semi-Pro team. She has taught throughout the US and internationally at numerous festivals, congresses, and workshops. With a passion for dance and a love of teaching, she enjoys sharing that love with the Austin Inspired Movement family and her students.

Cynthia Mendez is Luis Loredo's Zouk partner for the Nashville Dance Congress 2017.

Enjoy this video of Cynthia Mendez and Favian Bustos at her Austin-based studio Inspired Movement.