DJ Corey and Susan Manke

Swing Dance Nashville Instructors- Corey & Susan Manke

Corey and Susan Manke are true blue Balboa and Swing instructors, performers and social dancers from Nashville, Tennessee.  While Lindy Hop was their first passion, in 2004, they became fascinated with Balboa's connections, rhythms and partnering.  They have studied Balboa for more than 13 years and with many international instructors.

Corey and Susan are inspired by the original Pure Bal aesthetic, connection and feel. They strive to implement these elements into their own dance style and reference these dancers in their teaching in order to preserve the original dancers’ contribution to the dance floor. 

They have been participants of The Balboa Experiment every year since 2010, where they have been students, served as Guest Mentors, awarded “Honorary Fellows” and became "Distinguished Fellows" in 2016.  Corey and Susan have been instructors at California Balboa Classic, All Balboa Weekend, Bal-ast Off, Eastern Balboa Championships, Minor Swing and invited to teach at other regional, national and international events. 

Corey and Susan have received placements at All Balboa Weekend and are regular finalists in several national competitions.  

Above all else, their favorite swing activity is social dancing!!