Abi Leggette and Stephane Schneider

Westie Connection

Abi is a well established competitive swing dance instructor. She specializes in body movement and partner dances. Currently competing in West Coast Swing in the All Star division, she has also formally obtained awards in Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Hustle. She is also a competitor, cook, musician, Movement Therapist and mother. Her diverse dance background allows her to be a delightfully knowledgeable teacher with a gift for passing on the information.

Stéphane is a West Coast Swing dance instructor, who is most popular for his lovely french accent… Some people enjoy his highly analytical critique skills, and his ability to easily explain even the most complex concepts, but really it’s the accent. Stéphane currently competes around the Swing circuit in the All Star division, and is a highly active promoter in his local dance scenes.