Victoria Jackson


Victoria Jackson is the Emcee for our Cinco de Mayo Dinner Show & FUNdraiser!  

Victora is a Saturday Night Live comedian from 1986 to 1992!  Jackson became most famous for her appearances on Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, reciting poetry while doing back-bends or handstands on the desk. Some of her recurring characters included Brenda Clark from Toonces the Driving Cat; Jenny Baker, a Christian girl who appears on "Church Chat"; Nancy Maloney, a nightclub singer for The Jungle Room and Susan Keister, the daughter of the Keister family (played by Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks).

Jackson's impersonations of celebrities and famous persons have included: Calamity Jane, Christina Applegate, Cyndi Lauper, Donna Rice, Eydie Gorme, Fawn Hall, La Toya Jackson, Linda Blair, Lulu, Rob Lowe, Roseanne Barr, Sally Struthers, Susan Olsen (as Cindy Brady), Tina Yothers (as Jennifer Keaton), Tipper Gore, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Jackson appeared in a number of films including Baby Boom with Diane Keaton, Family Business with Sean Connery, The Pick-up Artist, The Couch Trip and I Love You to Death during the time she was a cast member of Saturday Night Live. She had leading roles in Casual Sex? (with Lea Thompson) and UHF (with "Weird Al" Yankovic).

Following her departure from Saturday Night Live in 1992, Jackson was cast as the lead of her own sitcom co-starring George Clooney; the pilot was taped, but the show was scrapped without being broadcast.[9] She played Beverly in the 1994 "Good Cop, Bad Cop" episode of In the Heat of the Night.[citation needed] She starred in an episode of The X-Files titled "The Rain King" as the unrequited love of a small town man who can control the weather. She appeared in the movie No More Baths in 1998 and in the Comedy Central series Strip Mall, in 2000. She had a regular role in the Nickelodeon show Romeo!, with Lil' Romeo for its first season, from 2003 to 2004, as the nanny, Mrs. Rodgers. In 2005, Jackson starred in the second edition of the VH1 show Celebrity Fit Club. In 2006, she was cast as Lolita Dorchuck in the mockumentary 20Q, directed by Benjamin Keith. Campin' Buddies, a 2014 release directed by Tom Logan (director), starring Ray Stevens and Tom Lester, showcases Jackson's talent for bringing oddball characters to life. In it she portrays seven different characters. The sheriff, the tow truck driver, the mechanic, Kitty Litter, Joleen, Victoria and the park ranger.

As of 2006, Jackson continues to perform stand up, often appearing with other ex-SNL players (most frequently Joe Piscopo and Don Novello as "Father Guido Sarducci").

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