Alex Chern and Victoria Lim

Dallas Tango Festival

***Victoria Lim***

Victoria started dancing Argentine Tango in Dallas, Texas and recognized as organizer and DJ in the community. She has evolved as a dancer and teacher in a community that is visional and open minded about the dance and brings the same qualities to her teaching. Victoria is known for her graceful yet dynamic style and unique musicality. Over the years, Victoria immersed herself in the world of Argentine tango and continued to hone her techniques in the various tango styles – salon, milonguero, Nuevo and stage. She embraces the beauty of each style and recommends her students to find the styles that they enjoy the most.

In her teaching Victoria focuses on the simple mechanics of movement while emphasizing the importance of precision in technique and maintaining solid connection with your partner and the music. She channels on two main elements: creating an organic, natural embrace for leaders and followers, and musicality.

***Alex Chern***

Alex's passion and ambition for Argentine tango have been apparent from the moment he started dancing. Over the years, he has made frequent trips around the country, becoming increasingly aware of his desire to share this dance. In 2013, he moved to Nashville and began teaching at the Vanderbilt Tango Club. As a classically trained violinist, Alex strongly believes in connecting music to movement. His teaching focuses on connection, quality of movement and elegance of the dance. Alex is also a well-respected tango DJ.