Jhanelle and Tin Man

Jhanelle & Eugene "Tin Man" have taken the Urban Kizomba world by storm!  As a fairly new partnership, they share more than 25 years of dance experience.  Since partnering, the pair have taught and performed all across North America including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, and Indianapolis, and Texas.

***Eugene "Tin Man" Cleveland***

Hailing from Rochester, New York,  Eugene "Tin Man" Cleveland began his dance studies 17 years ago and has been most famous for breakdancing.  His present passion is Urban Kizomba and he has been dancing that for over a year.

***Jhanelle Simpson***

Jhanelle Simpson is from Toronto, Canada and has performed many styles of dance over the past nine years, including salsa, bachata, and kizomba for the last three.