Robert Rice

Cuban Salsa Cincinnati

Robert specializes in Cuban dances, but teaches all latin dances. Robert’s 13-year dance & 6-year teaching background includes Salsa Casino, Salsa LA On1, Salsa NY On2, Son, Bachata, Merengue, Chachacha, Cabaret, Tango, Kizomba & Ballroom. Few instructors have even taught & performed all styles of salsa. From this wide variety of study, he has learned and shares with his students principles fundamental to all dances. Robert has trained & performed salsa casino, salsa rueda, salsa On1 & On2, and bachata with a variety of teams including: Cincinnati’s Salsa Underground (On1, On2), Salsannati (On2), and Columbus’s Club Tropicale (Rueda De Casino). Currently Robert performs with The Atrevidos (On1, Bachata, & Cabaret) and is the director and choreographer for Cuban Salsa Cincinnati and its performance team Casino Reál. Book a lesson with Robert if you want to really understand Cuban dance, lead & follow technique, or musicality. Rob has taught at various festivals including the Rocket City Latin Festival, Atlanta Salsa Festival, Boston Rueda Festival and the SalsAtlanta Cuban Weekend.