Melanie Castillo and Elvis Collado

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***Melanie Castillo***

Melanie Castillo, a native New Yorker, is known for her powerful footwork styling and her electrifying presence on the dance floor. Being half Puerto Rican and half Dominican, music and dance have been always present. Beginning at only five years old, Melanie has formally trained all her life.  She incorporates ballet, jazz, tap, and other forms of dance.

In 2011, Melanie and Elvis Collado teamed up and worked with Tito and Tamara, and Billy Fajardo. During that same year Melanie co-founded Las Damas and began working with Ismael Otero and Caribbean Soul. Melanie was also head instructor and choreographer at the Salsa Sensation Dance Studio in Long Island, NY. 

***Elvis Collado***

Elvis is the reigning World Salsa Summit Just Salsa Champion 2016 with competitive partner, Brianna Rios. They are also the 2nd Place WSS 2016 Just Hustle champs.  He travels worldwide teaching, performing and competing. He's known for being very detailed in teaching connection, partnerwork patterns, spinning, technique and for his smooth social dancing.


Elvis-World Salsa Summit 2016-Pro Just Salsa-1st Place

Elvis-World Salsa Summit 2016- Just Hustle-2nd Place

Elvis-Global Salsa Championship 2014- Pro On 2 Salsa-1st Place

Elvis-Global Salsa Championship 2014-Pro Just Salsa-2nd Place

Melanie & Elvis-World Salsa Summit 2013- Just Salsa-1st Place

Melanie-International Hustle & Salsa Congress 2012-1st Place 

Melanie-New York International Salsa Congress 2012-1st Place