Steve Ciki and Lady Maren

Maren and Steve, aka MSKiz, are NY-based International Kizomba & Semba artists who always bring the heat to the dancefloor. After achieving national and international success in competition, they have returned home to build up the US talent in the Afro Rhythms social dance scene.

******* LADY MAREN *******
Lady Maren has a background rich in Afro/Latin music and dance studies. She uses Kizomba & Semba performance and instruction as a part of a larger mission to reunite the different branches of the African Diaspora.

******* STEVE CIKI *******
Originally from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, Steve CIKI grew up listening to Zouk music. The 1st time he heard Kizomba, it felt like something he knew, something he grew up with… Indeed, it reminded him of his childhood in the Caribbean. Kizomba brings feelings of freedom, happiness, and sharing. Dancing Kizomba became a natural expression and a reflection of his lifestyle as a lover of Kizomba and its roots.


AfricAdançar USA - 2nd Place Winners - USA

2015 International Kizomba Open Madrid Finalists - SPAIN

2015 Certeza (Semba Competition) 1st Place Winner - FRANCE

2015 International AfricAdançar Semi-Finalists - PORTUGAL

2015 AfricAdançar USA Champions - USA

2014 International Kizomba Open Madrid 2nd Place Winners - SPAIN

2014 America Kizomba Open Champions - USA